The Journey


"Gravity games - a journey of movements between water and land"

March 9th - 12th

 In this workshop we want to take you to an experience of exploring the limits of gravity on our body, playing between water and land, weight and non-weight, floating and sustaining. 

We will work on the shores of the Bacalar lagoon with its different natural textures of stone, sand and mud. 

Inspired by aquatic and dance techniques, exploring alone, duo and group we will take you to discover your amphibious being in movement.

Moments of integration with bodywork and dance on earth will accompany the process.

Facilitating: Eva Schorndanner (Ger), Iván González (Mx)


Contact Improvisation Intensive and water movement/deep dance

March 13th - 19th

During the immersion we will offer  a contact improvisation intensive “Pathways and liquid structures” and a  water dance intensive workshops “aquatic animals”. We will dance and improvise in the beautiful nature, have regular morning practice and contact improvisation jams every night,  an introduction into freediving and a sweatlodge night. A six full day immersion to submerge oneself into the depth of the body, dance and movement through touch, connection with others and the environment. 

Facilitating:  Andrea Scheel (Mx), Sasha Besrodnova (Rus), Eva Schorndanner (Ger), Iván González (Mx).


Labbing into creation

March 20 - 22nd

2 full days and a half for integration of our experience in dialogue with nature in a experimental lab like sessions. We will have structured jams and spaces for group proposals. We will discover secret places on the lagoon and make them our dance space and dance in the deep blue of the cenotes.


Facilitating: Andrea Scheel (Mx), Daniel Becerra Garcia (Mx) 


Iván González

Body psychotherapist, graduated in Human Communication and co-founder of the WWater CollectiveW, practitioner and instructor of Janzu (body therapy in water) for 19 years. On his way he has integrated the Janzu, the Aguahara and the aquatic dance with ancestral traditions such as the temazcal, transforming his work into a prayer to the water. It uses aquatic work as a tool for emotional release, expansion of body awareness and as support in the treatment of addictions.

Daniel García

He is dedicated to research and scenic creation. As well as the development of methodologies and pedagogy for the realization of choreographic laboratories. His interests merge music, sound and everyday life; choreography with philosophy, anthropology of the body and the processes of food sovereignty. He has collaborated on projects such as Casa Abierta (biennial of living arts); Snak'obal Jank'obal; GAIA collective; amorphous festival; Four by four; contact and flow; Over the water between the mountains, among other projects and artists. Some of his latest choreographic and writing projects are: Archeology of a garden. Ritornello “the force of chaos”. Chuvaj. Tsakil TSek. Between Madness and idyll. Pollen in the water. He is currently part of Lobos Lab and Team T. He carries out the "Habitar la Sal" project, Cuatlalupe and Dandelion. His work has been presented in various forums and arts festivals in CDMX, Oaxaca, Guadalajara, Monterrey, State of Mexico, Yucatan, Tabasco, Chetumal, Hidalgo, Veracruz, Nayarit, Yucatan, Baja California, Chiapas, San Luis Potosí, Michoacán… And also various countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador, Bolivia, Belgium. Swiss …

Andrea Scheel

Andrea likes sharing through collective experiences for creating awareness through movement, touch and embodiment. She comes from a dance training (contemporary) and later somatics (Feldenkrais, BMC, holistic biomechanics), and some years of medicine school and has a title on Naturopathy. Has taught CI since 2013 and trains people in aquatic terapis and water dance. Having explored in movement, dance forms, somatics and the water world, she finds inspiration for the arts, as music, painting, and handpoking ...

Sasha Besrodnova

Psychologist, therapist of BodyMind Gestalt, guide of professional programs of somatic work for therapists, guide of retreats and journeys. Organizes festivals of contact, movement in Nature and dance in the Waters since 2006, including the "Water & Land Contact Festival in Thailand" @ciwaterandland She focuses on sustainability within human relations with Nature, within projects and in communities. He has co-developed the method of teaching underwater dance called Ocean Dance - a combination of apnea (freediving), somatic practices and Contact. Since 2020 this discipline has been accepted by CMAS as one of the modes of art freediving, and has been certified. She created a course of the "Ocean Dance" method in video. "It is such a pleasure to work with people who are ready to move from a place of fear and anxiety, to a place of inner calm, connection with the environment and deep dance with Nature." IG: @sashadeeepjourney @bezrodnovasasha @theoceandance Facebook: Ale Baleia, Sasha Bezrodnova Deeep Journey

Eva Schorndanner

Eva studied music and movement at the Berlin arts university, having a wide training in music and dance improvisation. She works as a freelance artist and as an art facilitator in the area of music, dance and performance in national and international projects in Germany and Mexico. Her passion for contact improvisation is since 2012 an important part of her personal and professional life. In the last years she connected her improvisation practice with dancing in water and nature places. Since 2016 she is aguahara practitioner and since two years she is training in watsu and healing dance.

the waters of the lagoon of the seven colors is quite special, find out more about the ancient stromatolites living in them, and the mysterious UNDERWORLD OF CENOTES, CAVES AND
other lagoons nearby.

There will be 3 delicious vegetarian meals from local food and cooks.


13/3: arrival day, dinner, welcome jam

14/3 – 18/3: early morning session, contact improv technique, improvisation in nature, aquatic dance, freediving in cenote azul, jams and temazcal

19/3: Early morning session, closing circle and jam, lunch, departure

past events

Video by Bernardo Sanchez

Video by and Diego Muñoz @yodigodiego

How to Get there

Book your flight now to cancun or merida 


Cheap Flights Madrid, Amsterdam to Cancun Qta. Roo (+4.5 hour drive to Bacalar) Check out FROM BUS below.


or fly to Chetumal, Qta. Roo (+30 min drive to Bacalar)


or flight from Mexico City to Chetumal (+ 30 min drive to Bacalar)

Flight to mérida o Cancún ( +4.5 hr drive)



Bus Service

                                                                                                     Official ADO Buses from Cancun – Bacalar                                                                                                                               (ask for direct bus from Cancun airport to ADO bus station, duration 35 mins aprox.)

White van shuttles ‘COLECTIVOS’  

(there’s no website, shuttles leave around every 20-30 mins)

                                                                                      The shuttles leave from a street next to the ADO bus station.                                                                                                         They are faster and cheaper, but need to make a stop at Carrillo Puerto and take another shuttle to Bacalar.




Please reserve your accommodation and meals separately, directly to Cayuco maya: or +52 1 983 752 0 771.

Here the different options for accommodation and prices in mexican pesos:

  • camping:  115 mx pesos/night
  • shared room (7 persons): 200 mx pesos /night
  • shared room (5 persons): 250 mx pesos /night
  • double room (2/3 persons): 1100 or 1200 mx pesos/night/room
Price for the delicious vegan/vegetarian meals:
  • pre workshop: 990 mx/pesos
  • immersion: 1980 mx/pesos
  •  post-workshop: 660 mx/pesos


We offer special prices for latin-american people (prices shown below are international prices). So we want to develop a more fair and accessible experiences for all.

We are offering some scholarships for participants who need it. Please contact us.


"Gravity Games" - earth and water movement explorations
by Eva and Ivan ( 3 days, 9 - 12 of March)

Early Bird   (before December 1st)   190 dlls

Normal                                                  240 dlls


* includes all workshops and sessions. Accommodation and Meals have to be reserved and paid directly to Cayuco Maya. We start on 9th with dinner and finish on 12th with lunch.


CI intensive “Pathways and Liquid Structures” by Andrea,  water explorations with Ivan, nature underscore with Eva.  ( 6 days, 13th till 19th of March).

Early bird (before December 1st)         360 dlls

Normal Price                                           410 dlls


* includes all workshops and sessions. Accommodation and Meals have to be reserved and paid directly to Cayuco Maya. We start on 13th with dinner and finish on 19th with lunch.

Post - Workshop

Labbing into creation
by Andrea y Daniel ( 2 days, 20- 22 of march)

Early bird (before December 1st)        120 dlls

Normal Price                                          170 dlls


* includes all workshops and sessions. Accommodation and Meals have to be reserved and paid directly to Cayuco Maya. We start on 20th with dinner and finish on 22th with lunch.