The Immersion

[coll_text type=”05″ max_font_size=”30″ min_font_size=”18″]A 6 full day immersion into the flow of our inner and outer waters where 5 teachers from around the world will be guiding our liquid journey. [/coll_text]
From contact on land we will be crawling towards the natural waters of the lagoon of Bacalar, awakening our breathing spines and coming back to earth with our liquid body.

Experiencing the Liquid Body

Finding Spinal waves

Contacting and improvising through Soft Architecture

We all come from the waters: from the oceans we came out similarly as we pushed ourselves out of our mother´s womb. Before being born, we moved from being a single cell organism, to a worm, a fish, an embryo and finally a new born human with all its movement potentialities. In the embryological phase we develop (or not) our movement patterns which shape our body and the perception we have of ourselves as moving entities. After birth, we encounter gravity, weight, spatial relationships, borders, limitations…and yet we are still 70% of water.

[coll_text type=”03″ max_font_size=”30″ min_font_size=”18″]In two intensive 4 hour land/water sessions per day (in the dome studio or nature scapes and in the lagoon) we will be having an interwoven experience of technical pathways and explorations to deep into:[/coll_text]
Contact improvisation principles,
Somatic approaches,
Flotation and water dynamics,
Water dance,
Breathwork exercises

Plus night jams with focus warm-ups (one day of nature underscore jam).

Oriented to bodyworkers, dancers, performers and anybody interested in going deeper into the liquid body for expanding awareness, health, creativity and improvisation.

An ongoing thread will be the ´wave´ movement in our bodies created by our breath, coming from the fluids in our spine. The subtle waves of pulsation of the body could become the innate paths of movement for our dance, our small dance. Exploring with the Basic Prenatal Patterns in water and on land could bring a connective path for our journey, from where Contact improvisation principles could be re experienced. Our own bodies, space and the connection with our immediate surroundings will be now liquid. The liquid body-mind is activated. Limbs as tentacles for bringing in information and support the soft architecture of our body masses.


Awakening yoga sessions at sunrise every day.
22 – introduction day.
23 –
24 – evening temazcal
25 – free morning or afternoon (cenotes, jungle trips…)
26 –
27 –